Top 10 albums in 2021*

by Dave Edwards (aka Dave Black) and collaborators, (*as picked by casual streaming listeners, based on % of tracks played in full minus % of tracks skipped... not necessarily the ones I would have picked - there's little or no correlation between the "important" works and the parts other people like!). #1 After the Filmshoot … Continue reading Top 10 albums in 2021*

Outono 21

A new multilayered Dave Black electric improv / xenochronous composition. The track continues the evolution of my Wairarapa one man band 2020s 'late style', which began with Glimpses of Utopia (2020) and Spastic Rhythms (2021) It was originally created for the Psi-solation+1 - 2021 compilation album curated by fellow Featherston resident Campbell Kneale. He's known … Continue reading Outono 21

PSI​-​SOLATION + 1 (one year on)

PSI-SOLATION | a global compilation of music made in lockdown | CELEBRATE PSI PHENOMENON ( 2021 compilation album curated by Campbell Kneale. He's known for his noise music, paintings of cats, and as proprietor of the Miracle Room gallery in Featherston. A sequel to his acclaimed 119-track Psi-solation compilation of music made in lockdown 2020. … Continue reading PSI​-​SOLATION + 1 (one year on)

Glimpses of Utopia

Palette cleansing electric solo improv. Recorded in Featherston, New Zealand, 2019-20. I'm not a trained jazz musician, but nor do I fit neatly into the 'NZ noise' genre. Further listening A Ton of Feathers by Campbell Kneale & Dave Black noise duo in Featherston, NZ: [send us your review] The Electricka Zoo The duo … Continue reading Glimpses of Utopia

Campbell Kneale & Dave Black: A Ton of Feathers releases October 17, 2020 Campbell Kneale - electric guitar, analogue synthDave Black - bass, electric toothbrush, key ring Campbell KnealeDave Black Featherston, New Zealand,27-Nov-18(one continuous take, unabridged, no overdubs - the first time we'd played together) A 3min excerpt appeared on Other Islands: 2012-2018 - but you need to hear the full length version … Continue reading Campbell Kneale & Dave Black: A Ton of Feathers

Huia Vortex

Animated visuals, with electric guitar loops, one-stringed bass, and drums - the opening track from the 'Ngumbang' album (get the free download) - w/ Emit Snake-beings & Nat da Hatt The title 'Huia Vortex' refers to the location where the track was recorded, in Huia, a small village on the outskirts of west Auckland. Dave … Continue reading Huia Vortex

The Electricka Zoo – new tracks, late 2019

Here's a pair of new (late 2019) tracks from The Electricka Zoo Keyboards & electronica by the Digitator & Dave Black on electric guitar in Upper Hutt, New Zealand, November 2019 Get our album if you haven't already!  

logistical torrents

31 July 2019 electric guitar and video by Dave Black, Featherston, NZ. One in a series of quickfire improvisations with video effects. Rather than finish an album before releasing anything in 2019, I'm opening a curtain on some of my demo ideas in progress.

Solstice Shards 19

I spent the longest night of the year at home and improvised this: . As I'd been doing mainly solo acoustic songs recently this was a palette cleansing electric improvisation from the other side of my coin. I think of acoustic as yin and electric as yang forces. The winter solstice is always a relief … Continue reading Solstice Shards 19