Farewell to Thee, Charming Deceiver

A 19th century unrequited love ballad - how anachronistic in the 2020s? John Collie (1834-1893) - lyrics Dave Edwards - banjo, harmonica, vocal lyrics FAREWELL to thee , charming deceiver , No more will I crouch at thy gate ; I once was an earnest believer , And my folly I see when too late … Continue reading Farewell to Thee, Charming Deceiver

Scotland, postponed

Around September 2020 I'd planned to travel to Scotland, on my first visit. There was to be a family gathering for my sister's wedding in Edinburgh. The trip's now postponed indefinitely, for obvious reasons I'd planned to visit Boyndie, Banffshire, where my great-great-grandfather John Collie grew up. In 1856, in his early 20s he published … Continue reading Scotland, postponed

Loose Autumn Moans (2003)

"Wellington, NZ composer Dave Edwards with some able assistance from duo or trio the Winter... Guitars, violin, cello, and percussion all stack up... He's got a persona that's all his own." - George Parsons, Dream Magazine #5 All acoustic, with a string section, recorded and mixed on analogue equipment, and originally released on cassette in … Continue reading Loose Autumn Moans (2003)


'SOLITUDE' by John Collie, 1856 OH give me near some swelling stream to stray, 0r tread the windings of some pathless wood, For I am wearied of the bustling day, And long to meet thee, gloomy Solitude: That I with thee may climb those shelfy steeps, Which frown majestic o’er the boiling deeps. What are … Continue reading Solitude

Sonnet on Summer

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2x5ouwy9bDY&t=4s A duo with my nephew, Hans Landon-Lane, from Poems & Lyrics by John Collie (1856) Clever Hansel - ukulele vocal Dave Edwards - guitar, harmonica, vocal This was the last in-person collaboration before the COVID-19 shutdown, recorded in Lower Hutt, New Zealand, March 2020. THE sweet breath of summer blows fresh o’er each plain, … Continue reading Sonnet on Summer

The Marion Flow (part 2, Wellington 2001)

: produced by Paul Winstanley, & featuring Chris O'Connor (drums), Chris Palmer (electric guitars), Simon O'Rorke (percussion). Recorded at Thistle Hall, Wellington, 2001, and mixed by Joe Callwood. For the earlier 1999 New Plymouth sessions see The Marion Flow (part 1, Taranaki); The Marion Flow was originally a longer album which spanned recordings from New … Continue reading The Marion Flow (part 2, Wellington 2001)

The Marion Flow (part 1, Taranaki 1999)

"It's lo-fi, organic and about as eclectic as one could manage. Kind of reminds me of Nick Cave if he had grown up in Timaru. No pretentious American accents or catch phrase choruses, just a bunch of people making music. A little beauty!" - NZ Musician, August/September 2002 Produced by Paul Winstanley, & featuring Steve … Continue reading The Marion Flow (part 1, Taranaki 1999)

Here’s a Health to my Cronies (by John Collie, 1856)

19th century Scottish drinking song, by John Collie (1834-1893), from his book 'Poems and Lyrics' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYGhg94-aZ4 Played by his great-great-grandson Dave Edwards -at Wairarapa TV May Music Marathon on 4th of May 2019. It features on the Live 2019 album. The first public performance of this piece was earlier in the year, at Dragon Inn, … Continue reading Here’s a Health to my Cronies (by John Collie, 1856)

The Land of My Youth (by John Collie, 1856)

https://youtu.be/OGwK-0GFTs8 Poem by John Collie (1834-1893),   from his book Poems and Lyrics in the English and Scotch Dialects, published in Banffshire, Scotland in 1856 Performed by his great-great-grandson Dave Edwards on banjo at Wairarapa TV in Masterton, New Zealand, 4 May 2019. John Collie emigrated to New Zealand in 1858. This poem seems to … Continue reading The Land of My Youth (by John Collie, 1856)


4th May 2019 at Wairarapa TV May Music Marathon https://youtu.be/iKIG-P3vrzo Solo guitar version of a tune by the Electricka Zoo, from our 2017 debut album: It's based on the hijaz scale and a 7/8 rhythm. The tune's since taken on new meanings in the wake of 15 March 2019, but was originally inspired by travels … Continue reading Eastern