by Dave Edwards and collaborators

águas brilhantes: 2018​-​2022

fiffdimension vol 4 – made in Featherston, Masterton and Suva – ft  Antony MiltonJames RobinsonDr Emit Snake-Beings, Campbell Kneale, Hans Landon-Lane, and lyrics by John Collie (1834-1893) 

“We go from bossa nova rhythms to folk to RIO to indie to, what is interesting listening if nothing else, a dog howling along to a banjo […] It is unusual to find someone playing so confidently in such diverse areas and anyone into independent music will certainly find something on here to enjoy.”

Kevin Rowland

Other Islands: 2012-2018

vol3 – made in New Zealand, Western Australia, Fiji, Indonesia and Okinawa , by Dave Black with The Winter, The Electricka Zoo, Snake Beings, Nat da Hatt, Campbell Kneale, Gamelan Padhang Moncar, Gareth Farr and Gamelan Taniwha Jaya

“The 20 song album covers traditional Javanese and Balinese gamelan, Asia-Pacific folk music, free jazz, and free noise…. If you have an open inquiring mind and love hearing a variety of sound, this is excellent.

Darryl Baser,

Fame & Oblivion: 2005-2012

vol2 – made in New Zealand, Australia, South Korea, Thailand, Mongolia, and Japan, by Dave Black with Ascension Band, The Winter, Nat da Hatt, Wellington’s Most Famous Orchestra, and Cylvi M

“Experimental and avant-garde…. There is a clear passion, and a commitment to pushing the boundaries… This will challenge your perceptions of what constitutes music and open the mind to new possibilities of sounds that surround us –

Gleefully Unknown: 1997-2005

vol1 – songs, spoken word and improvisations from the early phase of my gloriously unsuccessful career, by Dave Black with The Winter, Ascension Band,plus Chris O’Connor, Paul Winstanley, Simon O’Rorke, Chris Palmer, Sam Prebble, Francesca Mountfort and more

Rough outsider folk-blues mysteries, dissonant rock textures, electric and acoustic improvisations… Edwards strikes me as one of the most overlooked musicians from the fertile lands of New Zealand and if you need a fresh start this might very well be the place.” –

Mats Gustaffson, The Broken Face