“The 20 song album covers traditional Javanese and Balinese gamelan, Asia-Pacific folk music, free jazz, and free noise…. If you have an open inquiring mind and love hearing a variety of sound, this is excellent. – muzic.net.nz


For the first half of the year I lived in Okinawa,

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安里屋ユンタオーバードライブ Asadoya Yunta Overdrive (Okinawa) 

and then travelled to mainland Japan,

ネオン列車の風景 Neon Train Landscapes 


After leaving Japan, I stopped in Wellington for a flying visit

The Winter: Flying Visit

on my way to Western Australia

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I lived in Perth, Western Australia for the next two and a half years.


From Western Australia,

I travelled to Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore,

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returned home to New Zealand

in the non-idiomatic idiom in Norway 

& played Balinese and Javanese gamelan

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Dave Black & Snake Beings:


  • Ngumbang  comes full circle, a synthesis of my various styles, in collaboration with Emit Snake-Beings who was one of my early influences

The Winter: Exit Points


East to West

  • East to West, a movie of my travels. I performed as a solo show with a live soundtrack in the NZ Fringe Festival and took it on tour to Invercargill.
  • Travelled to Fiji

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…and in late 2015 I formed a new band the Electricka Zoo with the Digitator… something a little more accessible and electronic, funky, danceable etc than usual for me.

We first met in high school back in New Plymouth and he played on the Marion Flow and dAdApApA sessions back in 1999.  We busked and played a bunch of gigs around Wellington,  released our first album in 2017, and performed a successful season in the NZ Fringe Festival in 2018.


The Electricka Zoo

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The main project for 2018 was Other Islands: 2012-2018;


The last five (of the 20) tracks were recorded in 2018 – each in a different genre:

* a new Indonesia-inspired electro-acoustic collaboration with Emit Snake-Beings
* a solo acoustic song written by my great-great-grandfather
* a Wairarapa psychedelic country folk jam with Nat da Hatt
* a Wairarapa free noise electric drone with Campbell Kneale, maestro of the genre
* and concluding with a Fijian folk song, inspired by my visits to Fiji in 2016 and 2018


I also began to experiment with animated visuals:
Meanwhile, in live appearances in 2018 I made a return to playing solo acoustic, in Wellington and in the Wairarapa.

I also played gigs with

the Electricka Zoo



Gamelan Padhang Moncar,

Gamelan Padhang Moncar 2018

A compilation of highlights from these recent works is available:

Other Islands: 2012-2018

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& next come 2019 and 2020