in a wildflower state (Western Australia, 2013)

In late 2012, after leaving Japan, I moved to Australia for the second time - this time to Western Australia for a couple of years… in a wildflower state is a lost album - recorded in Perth WA, 2012-2014 - unreleased at the time. The music here is rustic, reflecting the vast ancient arid landscape, overlaid with … Continue reading in a wildflower state (Western Australia, 2013)

águas brilhantes: 2018​-​2022

fiffdimension vol 4 made in Featherston, Masterton, and Suva - ft Antony Milton, James Robinson, Dr Emit Snake-Beings, Campbell Kneale, and lyrics by John Collie (1834-1893) - the title is 'Wairarapa' in Portuguese. Collaborations with my ancestors and younger relatives, friends in Fiji, a painter in Otago, the curator of PseudoArcana, and the family dog. … Continue reading águas brilhantes: 2018​-​2022

The Winter: 2003-2015

Simon Sweetman - drums, percussion Mike Kingston - guitars, cello (2-5), clarinet (7,11,14), charango (7,10) Dave Edwards - guitars, vocal (3), harmonica (4,7,9), banjo (7), ukulele (7,9,11), saxophone (10,14), piano (10), bass (12,13), electronics (6,8,13) Wellington, New Zealand,free improv music trio, formed on winter solstice day June 2003. An archive compilation, of excerpts from the … Continue reading The Winter: 2003-2015

Spastic Rhythms ’22

Featherston, NZ - early 2022 - spontaneous compositions, two wet weekends in a row. A sequel to Spastic Rhythms vol 1 (2021) - a series of 'quickfire' DIY solo albums created in a couple of days each. This one features interspecies guest collaboration with Oscar the huntaway. credits released February 13, 2022 Dave Black - … Continue reading Spastic Rhythms ’22

w/ Antony Milton: Return of the Sun

Electric guitar improv duo - in collaboration with Recorded in Masterton, New Zealand, 26-09-21 Antony Milton is a sound artist based in Masterton, New Zealand. He has been active in the underground and experimental music scenes since the early 1990s. He is also the curator of the PseudoArcana label (which released The Winter's debut … Continue reading w/ Antony Milton: Return of the Sun

Top 10 albums in 2021*

by Dave Edwards (aka Dave Black) and collaborators, (*as picked by casual streaming listeners, based on % of tracks played in full minus % of tracks skipped... not necessarily the ones I would have picked - there's little or no correlation between the "important" works and the parts other people like!). #1 After the Filmshoot … Continue reading Top 10 albums in 2021*

Glimpses of Utopia

Palette cleansing electric solo improv. Recorded in Featherston, New Zealand, 2019-20. I'm not a trained jazz musician, but nor do I fit neatly into the 'NZ noise' genre. Further listening A Ton of Feathers by Campbell Kneale & Dave Black noise duo in Featherston, NZ: [send us your review] The Electricka Zoo The duo … Continue reading Glimpses of Utopia

Articulation Incommunicate (2004)

Previously unreleased!  Dave Edwards dictaphone cassette recordings 2004, for spoken word and improvised guitar - a trip down a road not taken for New Zealand music. These tracks were primitively recorded, not just obscure but completely unheard by anyone else, and seemed like raw unfinished demos at the time - but in hindsight may be … Continue reading Articulation Incommunicate (2004)

Loose Autumn Moans (2003)

"Wellington, NZ composer Dave Edwards with some able assistance from duo or trio the Winter... Guitars, violin, cello, and percussion all stack up... He's got a persona that's all his own." - George Parsons, Dream Magazine #5 All acoustic, with a string section, recorded and mixed on analogue equipment, and originally released on cassette in … Continue reading Loose Autumn Moans (2003)

After the filmshoot (2002)

Dave Edwards solo cassette tracks, in Wellington NZ, 2002.   Hey so the new (2020) album Ruasagavulu is out! (go there, like, share etc)...   & in the meantime, until the next new project, here's one from the vault:   1. After the Filmshoot (take 1) 03:25     2. Interlude: the sociopolitical context 00:51 … Continue reading After the filmshoot (2002)