Poems & Lyrics by John Collie, 1856

In 1856, my great-great-grandfather John Collie (1834-1893), of Boyndie, Scotland, published a book : Poems and Lyrics (in the Englishand Scotch Dialects). I've been setting some of it to music over the past few years - along with some of his other descendants: my nephews Hans and Rhys Landon-Lane, my niece Celeste Rochery, and my … Continue reading Poems & Lyrics by John Collie, 1856

2022 roundup

fiffdimension vol4, águas brilhantes: 2018​-​2022, sums up the last few years' here: 2022's been a particularly productive year... there's a (mostly) solo instrumental album (also ft Oscar the dog); two albums by the Troubled Times - collaboration with Antony Milton now a trio with David Heath on drums; recordings with my nephews Hans and Rhys … Continue reading 2022 roundup

águas brilhantes: 2018​-​2022

fiffdimension vol 4 made in Featherston, Masterton, and Suva - ft Antony Milton, James Robinson, Dr Emit Snake-Beings, Campbell Kneale, and lyrics by John Collie (1834-1893) - the title is 'Wairarapa' in Portuguese. Collaborations with my ancestors and younger relatives, friends in Fiji, a painter in Otago, the curator of PseudoArcana, and the family dog. … Continue reading águas brilhantes: 2018​-​2022

The Troubled Times: A Second Sun

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UclsrMDOPQY&list=PLtbrBpNjlOHPJ3DVmif4q0X-1O7CRhCm6 credits Antony Milton - electric guitar, keyboard (1,4), drums (4), painting Dave Edwards - bass, electric guitar (4), vocal (6), harmonica (7) David Heath - drums John Collie (1834-1893) - lyrics (6) (a crossover with fiffdimension.bandcamp.com/album/poems-lyrics-in-the-english-dialect-1856 ) Recorded in Masterton, New Zealand, 25 September 2022 Loosely a sequel to Antony Milton and Dave Edwards' first duo … Continue reading The Troubled Times: A Second Sun

The Troubled Times: State Highway 2

credits released August 13, 2022 Antony Milton - electric guitar, banjo (6), drums & keyboard (7) Dave Edwards - electric guitar (1,3,5), acoustic guitar (2,6,7), bass (4), aluminium ladder (7) David Heath - drums https://fiffdimension.bandcamp.com/album/state-highway-2-2022 ------- Masterton, New Zealand Masterton Recorded in Antony's garage,17th July + 7th August 2022 Photo by Sara Rogers Further listening: … Continue reading The Troubled Times: State Highway 2

w/ James Robinson – Negentropic Diatribes

James Robinson - words, voice, paintings & drawings, bell drum Dave Black - electric guitar, bass, loop pedal James Robinson is a mid career contemporary New Zealand mixed media artist, exhibiting widely since 1989 - www.jamesrobinson.nz fiffdimension is music and multimedia by Dave Edwards (aka Dave Black) and collaborators, since 1998 - www.fiffdimension.com‐‐------- James won 2007 paramount … Continue reading w/ James Robinson – Negentropic Diatribes

Spastic Rhythms ’22

Featherston, NZ - early 2022 - spontaneous compositions, two wet weekends in a row. A sequel to Spastic Rhythms vol 1 (2021) - a series of 'quickfire' DIY solo albums created in a couple of days each. This one features interspecies guest collaboration with Oscar the huntaway. credits released February 13, 2022 Dave Black - … Continue reading Spastic Rhythms ’22

w/ Hans Landon-Lane, 3 January 2022

Happy new year! Here are some first recordings for 2022, made on 3rd of January, with Hans Landon-Lane (my nephew) on accordion, ukulele and vocal: 'The Land of My Youth 'Here's a Health to my Cronies' 'Nature' The words were written by our ancestor John Collie in 1856.