Articulation Incommunicate (2004)

Previously unreleased!  Dave Edwards dictaphone cassette recordings 2004, for spoken word and improvised guitar - a trip down a road not taken for New Zealand music. These tracks were primitively recorded, not just obscure but completely unheard by anyone else, and seemed like raw unfinished demos at the time - but in hindsight may be … Continue reading Articulation Incommunicate (2004)

Loose Autumn Moans (2003)

"Wellington, NZ composer Dave Edwards with some able assistance from duo or trio the Winter... Guitars, violin, cello, and percussion all stack up... He's got a persona that's all his own." - George Parsons, Dream Magazine #5 All acoustic, with a string section, recorded and mixed on analogue equipment, and originally released on cassette in … Continue reading Loose Autumn Moans (2003)

After the filmshoot (2002)

Dave Edwards solo cassette tracks, in Wellington NZ, 2002.   Hey so the new (2020) album Ruasagavulu is out! (go there, like, share etc)...   & in the meantime, until the next new project, here's one from the vault:   1. After the Filmshoot (take 1) 03:25     2. Interlude: the sociopolitical context 00:51 … Continue reading After the filmshoot (2002)

2002: self-isolation before it was cool?

The difficult third album - recorded during a time of intense introspection in 2002. I locked myself in my room in Wellington for all of November with an analogue 4-track cassette recorder.The results rapidly put an end to my promising New Zealand music career! In 2002, a year whose digits are an anagram of this … Continue reading 2002: self-isolation before it was cool?

First Time Around: South Korea

Before there was 'Gangnam Style' there was - field recordings, electro-acoustic ethnography, Asian industrial soundscapes by kiwis in South Korea, 2007-2008 Credits released July 1, 2008 Dave Black – field recordings, laptop, gayageum, loops, bass, acoustic guitar, vocal Cylvi M – tangso, shakuhachi, shaker, vocal Further listening First Time Around: East Asia … Continue reading First Time Around: South Korea

The Marion Flow (part 2, Wellington 2001)

: produced by Paul Winstanley, & featuring Chris O'Connor (drums), Chris Palmer (electric guitars), Simon O'Rorke (percussion). Recorded at Thistle Hall, Wellington, 2001, and mixed by Joe Callwood. For the earlier 1999 New Plymouth sessions see The Marion Flow (part 1, Taranaki); The Marion Flow was originally a longer album which spanned recordings from New … Continue reading The Marion Flow (part 2, Wellington 2001)

Spotify playlist – fiffdimension & friends

Here's my first Spotify playlist... a mix of my own tracks and by other artists who I've had the privilege to meet and be inspired by, in several cases played gigs alongside and/or collaborated with. Thank you all for the journey! And some great music here. This puts fiffdimension in context (ie mostly from New … Continue reading Spotify playlist – fiffdimension & friends

Spotify playlist – fiffdimension / NZ underground A playlist of music by myself and fellow travellers I've met along the way. It includes the Gleefully Unknown: 1997-2005, Fame & Oblivion: 2005-2012, Other Islands: 2012-2018, and Live 2019 albums, and tracks by Chris Knox, Peter Jefferies, Jeff Henderson, Orchestra of Spheres, Bond Street Bridge, Alastair Galbraith, Sticky Filth, Leila Adu, Jack Body, … Continue reading Spotify playlist – fiffdimension / NZ underground

Summer Skin

Live 4th May 2019, at Wairarapa TV May Music Marathon, in Masterton NZ. Solo guitar & harmonica version of track Originally recorded in Wellington NZ, September 2003, for the album 'Loose Autumn Moans', with a mini string section of Mike Kingston on cello and Sam Prebble (RIP) on violin. It also appears on … Continue reading Summer Skin


4th May 2019 live solo version at the Wairarapa TV May Music Marathon. This song was originally recorded in June 2001, at Thistle Hall, Wellington. It was the opening track of the album The Marion Flow. The 2001 recording featured Dave Edwards - acoustic guitar & vocal Chris Palmer - electric guitars Paul Winstanley … Continue reading Seafriends