Dave Edwards

“Worth searching out coz this lo-fi singer/songwriter oddball has a unique take on the genre… [he’s] happy to get raucous & obnoxious in just the right kinda way.”Chris Knox

“Rough outsider folk-blues mysteries, dissonant rock textures, electric and acoustic improvisations… Edwards strikes me as one of the most overlooked musicians from the fertile lands of New Zealand and if you need a fresh start this might very well be the place.” Mats Gustafsson, The Broken Face

Dave Edwards, recording ‘Scratched Surface’ circa 1997

This page refers to projects under my own name – songs, spoken word, and instrumental compositions or improvisations

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For a stylistic departure since 2005 see Dave Black

For band collaborations see The Electricka Zoo, Gamelan Padhang Moncar, Gamelan Taniwha Jaya, The Winter, Ascension Band, and free improvisation

So far in 2019 I’ve been living in rural New Zealand, playing mainly solo acoustic.

Live 2019

“Great skills and a refreshing rebirth of a beatnik sensibility, this is folk the way folk should be” – Andi Verse

Compare it to this lo-fi ‘official bootleg’ recorded 20 years (or half my lifetime) ago – opening for Chris Knox at Bar Bodega in Wellington NZ last millennium:

Live 1999

and these early albums that fit (often loosely) into the singer-songwriter genre.

Gleefully Unknown: 1997-2005

Compilation of highlights from the first phase of my gloriously unsuccessful career

Loose Autumn Moans

Semi-acoustic songs with string section, recorded on all-analogue equipment (2003)

Mantis Shaped & Worrying

The difficult third album, an idiosyncratic spoken word + instrumental voyage into inner space (2002)

The debut album – a genuine lo-fi postpunk singer/songwriter artifact from the ’90s (1997-1998)