Gar mar par da nee sa

the opening track from Ruasagavulu by Dave Black & Snake-Beings recorded in Suva, Fiji, 2nd November 2019 This short warmup improv is based on an Indian scale, inspired by Dr Emit Snake-Beings' travels to Kerala in India, and harmonium lessons in Suva. There's an Indian influence throughout the album, as several sections are based on … Continue reading Gar mar par da nee sa

Fiji 1976, by Alastair Edwards

Film footage by my father, Alastair Edwards (1936-2010), in Nadi and around Viti Levu in 1976. It's from my parents' honeymoon, a couple of years before I was born. There was no sound, so I've added a soundtrack from Ruasagavulu, which Dr Emit Snake-Beings and I recorded in Suva decades later. My Dad's interest … Continue reading Fiji 1976, by Alastair Edwards

First Time Around: South Korea

Before there was 'Gangnam Style' there was - field recordings, electro-acoustic ethnography, Asian industrial soundscapes by kiwis in South Korea, 2007-2008 Credits released July 1, 2008 Dave Black – field recordings, laptop, gayageum, loops, bass, acoustic guitar, vocal Cylvi M – tangso, shakuhachi, shaker, vocal Further listening First Time Around: East Asia … Continue reading First Time Around: South Korea

Live 2019

An acoustic solo set, live at Wairarapa TV in Masterton, New Zealand - which took place live on the internet. This was simulcast on Freeview CH41, ArrowFM 89.7FM and YouTube. The set was part of the Property Law Service May Music Marathon - 12 straight hours of live Music to Television screens during NZ Music … Continue reading Live 2019


Live 4th May 2019 at Wairarapa TV May Music Marathon - Banjo rendition of a Korean folk tune 아리랑 ("Arirang").  The banjo is not typically found in Korean music - this would normally be played on a gayageum. I first learned 아리랑 in 2007, while living (employed teaching English) in South Korea. Here's a … Continue reading 아리랑


4th May 2019 at Wairarapa TV May Music Marathon Solo guitar version of a tune by the Electricka Zoo, from our 2017 debut album: It's based on the hijaz scale and a 7/8 rhythm. The tune's since taken on new meanings in the wake of 15 March 2019, but was originally inspired by travels … Continue reading Eastern


2005 The year got off to a good start, with Ascension Band: Evolution The successful collaboration with Nigel Patterson, Ryan Prebble, and over a dozen other musicians, from jazz-schooled to untrained punks, won the best music award in the NZ Fringe Festival. I had my first taste of success (the fame part of Fame & … Continue reading 2005

Isa Lei, and the Yasawa islands, Fiji

This rearrangement of a traditional Fijian folk song was inspired by hearing the song sung there. In May I visited the Yasawa Islands, to the northwest of Nadi and the main Fijian island Viti Levu. The boat ride took 3 hours, and enjoyably scenic. Each of the many small islands we passed was different in … Continue reading Isa Lei, and the Yasawa islands, Fiji

Wayang for Cirebon – 30 June 2018

Saturday 30 June 2018 in the Adam Concert Room (NZSM, Victoria University of Wellington). $30/adult - all proceeds go to Cirebon This show is a repeat of our recent successful show at CubaDupa. This fund-raising event was sparked by a tragedy in Cirebon, Indonesia, in April this year when a wall adjacent to the rehearsal space collapsed … Continue reading Wayang for Cirebon – 30 June 2018