The Marion Flow (part 2, Wellington 2001)

It’s lo-fi, organic and about as eclectic as one could manage. Kind of reminds me of Nick Cave if he had grown up in Timaru. No pretentious American accents or catch phrase choruses, just a bunch of people making music. A little beauty!” – NZ Musician, August/September 2002

The Marion Flow was originally a longer album which spanned recordings from New Plymouth in 1999 and Wellington in 2001.

This page is for the 2001 Wellington recordings: produced by Paul Winstanley, & featuring Chris O’Connor (drums), Chris Palmer (electric guitars), Simon O’Rorke (percussion), and more. Recorded at Thistle Hall, Wellington, 2001, and mixed by Joe Callwood.

For the earlier 1999 New Plymouth sessions see The Marion Flow (part 1, Taranaki);
By the time the opportunity arose to finish recording the Marion Flow I’d been thoroughly immersed in the Wellington free jazz and avant-garde music scene, and was very fortunate to have help from some of the top players there. I’d never studied music at school or been in a conventional band, and was out of my depth technically… so working around my limitations became a spark to creativity.

Edwards’ music is often a sculpture rather than a melodic composition. Within this chosen form, amongst all the writings rantings & poetry there’s much difficult pleasure to be had for the musically adventurous.” – Brent Cardy, Real Groove, July 2002

In 1999, aged 20, I’d left New Plymouth, a large rural town, where I grew up, and moved to Wellington, New Zealand’s capital city, where I’d been born and where my early pakeha settler ancestors had lived in the 19th century. The Marion Flow reflects this journey, geographically, sonically and spiritually.


I’ve now reissued the two halves of the album separately – to emphasise the sense of time and place, and stylistic evolution, and to re-present them more concisely for the short-attention-span 21st century.

Further listening



Seafriends 03:07

Dave Edwards – acoustic guitar, vocal

Paul Winstanley – fretless bass

Chris Palmer – electric guitars

Chris O’Connor – drums


A Wedding 03:48

Dave Edwards – electric guitar, piano innards, canvas sheet, vocal


Dave Edwards – acoustic guitar, vocal

Simon O’Rorke – drums


Dave Edwards – electric guitar

Chris Palmer – electric guitar

Simon O’Rorke – percussion


Dave Edwards – electric guitar, vocal

Chris O’Connor – drums


Dave Edwards – electric guitar, vocal

Paul Winstanley – fretless bass

Chris O’Connor – drums


Dave Edwards – electric guitar, harmonica, vocal

Dean Brown – drums


Dave Edwards – acoustic guitar

Paul Winstanley – fretless bass

Chris Palmer – electric guitars

Chris O’Connor – drums

Download includes hidden tracks, lyrics and original CDR artwork.

I’ll also soon be splitting up and reissuing my other longer albums After Maths & Sciences and in the non-idiomatic idiom in Norway, which were also recorded in separate sessions years apart.

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