Dave Black

“As Dave Edwards he has explored fuzzy-punk, free-jazz, spoken word, alternative-folk and demented pop… as Dave Black, the palette is broadened”Simon Sweetman

Dave Black, 2006

A stylistic departure when I left New Zealand in 2005 led to a new moniker for a new non-linear approach, and let me break my own rules.  Black was my mother’s maiden name.

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For early works pre-2005 see Dave Edwards

For band collaborations see The Electricka Zoo, Gamelan Padhang Moncar, Gamelan Taniwha Jaya, The Winter, Ascension Band, and free improvisation

Dave Black works include:

Other Islands: 2012-2018

Compilation of recent highlights, made in Okinawa, Indonesia, Western Australia, Fiji, and NZ

The Electricka Zoo (Dave Black & the Digitator)

The debut album from the Hutt Valley guitar/bass and live electronica duo – full of eclectic electric sonic surprises (2017).

Ngumbang (Dave Black & Snake Beings)

Our first collaboration with the even more legendary & underground artist Snake Beings (2015)

ネオン列車の風景 Neon Train Landscapes (Dave Black & Nat da Hatt)

Fame & Oblivion: 2005-2012

Compilation of highlights, made in Melbourne, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Mongolia, and NZ

First Time Around: East Asia (Dave Black & Cylvi M)

Field recordings, sketches, soundscapes and stories from South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, China and Mongolia (2008/2013)

 South Island Sessions (Dave Black & Cylvi M)

Steampunk folktronica from an alternate 19th century (1861/2006/2013)

An Australian novel for the ear (20052006)