Glimpses of Utopia

Palette cleansing electric solo improv.

Recorded in Featherston, New Zealand, 2019-20.

I’m not a trained jazz musician, but nor do I fit neatly into the ‘NZ noise‘ genre.

Further listening

A Ton of Feathers

by Campbell Kneale & Dave Black

noise duo in Featherston, NZ:

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The Electricka Zoo

The duo of live electronica by the Digitator, and Dave Black on bass and electric guitar (2017)

“A totally original, mind warping album that smacks you across the face with big sound…. I salute anyone that makes a whole album out of EDM post-punk avant-garde rock / jazz, reggae, Balkan, [and] Portuguese music” – Corrinne Rutherford,

The Electricka Zoo, 2017


Our first collaboration with the even more legendary & underground artist Dr Emit Snake Beings (2015)

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Dave Black & Snake Beings

The Winter: Exit Points

The Winter @ Pyramid Club, Wellington, 2015

Free improvisations that swerve from acoustic folk/blues with hints of Asian, Celtic, and Balkan influences, to electro-acoustic soundscapes, abstract dissonance, and pots & pans percussion. By Dave Edwards, Mike Kingston, and Simon Sweetman (2015).

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Ascension Band: Evolution

Ascension Band, 2005

Award-winning electric symphony for post-punk big-band – by Nigel Patterson (hammond organ, grand piano, conductor/arranger), guitarist & organiser Dave Edwards (fiffdimension, The Winter), and over a dozen musicians including Ryan Prebble, Bell Campanita, Warwick Donald and more on guitars, basses, drums, electronics, keyboards, trumpets and vocals (2005)

“The 50-minute piece of music, broken down into six movements, was performed live over a few nights for the Fringe Festival in 2005; the group taking out the Best Music Award.

“It was stunning.” – Simon Sweetman

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