Solitude‘ appears on this new compilation of lockdown sounds from around the world, curated by Campbell Kneale

(who I collaborated with in 2018… the full length version of ‘a ton of feathers’ is coming later this year)

Psi-solation has 119 tracks, you can pay what you want, and it wins album of the year by default!

Dearest fellow music-hounds and shut-aways, CELEBRATE PSI PHENOMENON proudly presents…


I have been in personal contact with each and every one of you over this remarkable time on planet Earth.

Nothing is normal anymore, and yet our art is essentially unchanged… we still make it by ourselves for the most part, regardless of circumstances, for no reward at all. The virus has not changed this. The upending of our work situations, our family routines, our access to the shops has changed nothing. Our access to bandmates, recording equipment, and rehearsal spaces has not shifted our desire to create. We do it anyway. For nothing. As always.

I have spoken to many of you and heard about your relief at the world shutting its doors, some of you have spent the last month in extremely trying circumstances, some of you (like me) have been lucky enough to have really found themselves in some small way in our forced isolation. In New Zealand we have seen a remarkable bucking of the trend in that we have actually experienced good leadership and as a result, minimal casualties. Others of you have not had this luxury and are held firmly in the grips of kakistocracy with catastrophic consequences, of which mass deaths are only the beginning.

I have made the compilation FREE to download. PLEASE SHARE IT AS WIDELY AS YOU CAN.

You have the option of paying something if you wish, any money raised will go toward the little gallery I run in our little speck of a town, THE MIRACLE ROOM… we do a nice job of getting artists paid by running visual art exhibitions and holding ‘somewhat experimental’ concerts to our small but curious audience. We have dutifully been paying full rent for the last two months. I hope you dont mind.

LASTLY. I would like to thank you all very, very, much for making this collection of music possible. Its special, y’know? Yes… i have listened to every track. No… there is nothing here that I do not love.

Dig in, dive deep.


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