Assembling disconsonant

New improvisational raw material post-composed & aleatory generative texts added, in a kiwi accent: I did the bass improvisation first, then played along with it on guitar and banjo, then improvised vocals with nonsensical words (Paul McCartney conjuring ‘get back’ in the documentary), transcribed, rewrote into English words (if not grammar), and fed that into … Continue reading Assembling disconsonant

Poems & Lyrics by John Collie, 1856

In 1856, my great-great-grandfather John Collie (1834-1893), of Boyndie, Scotland, published a book : Poems and Lyrics (in the Englishand Scotch Dialects). I've been setting some of it to music over the past few years - along with some of his other descendants: my nephews Hans and Rhys Landon-Lane, my niece Celeste Rochery, and my … Continue reading Poems & Lyrics by John Collie, 1856


It's the first day of autumn (2023) here in the southern hemisphere (good riddance to Cyclone Gabrielle, which caused devastation in other parts of the North Island), so here's a track from Poems & Lyrics (in the English Dialect) (1856): AGAIN old Autumn murmurs from the hill , His annual toils already are begun ; … Continue reading Autumn

The Troubled Times: Hill Road in Winter

Happy new year - here's our first new music release of 2023 - available for download or limited-edition cassette, courtesy of Antony Milton's Smalltown Electron label: The first physical format release from Masterton trio The Troubled Times (and the debut release for Small Town Electron as a label) is a loud and noisy nocturnal romp … Continue reading The Troubled Times: Hill Road in Winter

2022 roundup

fiffdimension vol4, águas brilhantes: 2018​-​2022, sums up the last few years' here: 2022's been a particularly productive year... there's a (mostly) solo instrumental album (also ft Oscar the dog); two albums by the Troubled Times - collaboration with Antony Milton now a trio with David Heath on drums; recordings with my nephews Hans and Rhys … Continue reading 2022 roundup

águas brilhantes: 2018​-​2022

fiffdimension vol 4 made in Featherston, Masterton, and Suva - ft Antony Milton, James Robinson, Dr Emit Snake-Beings, Campbell Kneale, and lyrics by John Collie (1834-1893) - the title is 'Wairarapa' in Portuguese. Collaborations with my ancestors and younger relatives, friends in Fiji, a painter in Otago, the curator of PseudoArcana, and the family dog. … Continue reading águas brilhantes: 2018​-​2022

The Troubled Times: A Second Sun credits Antony Milton - electric guitar, keyboard (1,4), drums (4), painting Dave Edwards - bass, electric guitar (4), vocal (6), harmonica (7) David Heath - drums John Collie (1834-1893) - lyrics (6) (a crossover with ) Recorded in Masterton, New Zealand, 25 September 2022 Loosely a sequel to Antony Milton and Dave Edwards' first duo … Continue reading The Troubled Times: A Second Sun

The Troubled Times: State Highway 2

credits released August 13, 2022 Antony Milton - electric guitar, banjo (6), drums & keyboard (7) Dave Edwards - electric guitar (1,3,5), acoustic guitar (2,6,7), bass (4), aluminium ladder (7) David Heath - drums ------- Masterton, New Zealand Masterton Recorded in Antony's garage,17th July + 7th August 2022 Photo by Sara Rogers Further listening: … Continue reading The Troubled Times: State Highway 2

w/ Antony Milton: The Troubled Times

For this EP The Troubled Times is Dave Edwards and Antony Milton.Raw loud Improvised pluck and drone recorded in the between Covid lockdowns. credits released June 26, 2022 Recorded on a windy rainy Sunday in Antony's garage in Masterton.Guitar/Bass -Dave Edwards Guitar/Keyboard/Vocs -Antony Milton. For the first full length release from this duo, which pre-dates … Continue reading w/ Antony Milton: The Troubled Times

w/ James Robinson – Negentropic Diatribes

James Robinson - words, voice, paintings & drawings, bell drum Dave Black - electric guitar, bass, loop pedal James Robinson is a mid career contemporary New Zealand mixed media artist, exhibiting widely since 1989 - fiffdimension is music and multimedia by Dave Edwards (aka Dave Black) and collaborators, since 1998 -‐‐------- James won 2007 paramount … Continue reading w/ James Robinson – Negentropic Diatribes