Ruasagavulu – with Snake Beings in Fiji

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Made in Suva, Fiji, the new album by Dave Black & Snake Beings

Mixing these pieces down gives us a new sound for 2020?

This is currently a pre-order work in progress, as some of the mixes will be refined and tracks over the next few weeks.

Instruments used included keyboards, ukulele, DIY kitchen gamelan percussion, duduk, and field recordings.

The title ‘ruasagavulu’ means ‘twenty’ in Fijian, to kick off the new decade.

Dr Emit Snake Beings is a travelling artist/musician/filmmaker/shaman/academic who was an early influence on my music.

Most recently we met up in Suva, Fiji, in November 2019.

Snake Beings and Dave Black in Fiji

Our first duo album was ‘Ngumbang‘, which we made together in 2015 – a fusion of several genres and a DIY manifesto – “Pick up the pieces and make them into something new, it’s what we do…”

In 2018 we made a new Indonesia-inspired electro-acoustic track for Other Islands 2012-2018:

And Other Islands 2012-2018 concluded with a Fijian folk song, inspired by my earlier visits to Fiji in 2016 and 2018

Emit Snake-Beings

– founder of the Hamilton Underground Film Festival, composer, musician and electrical shrine maker – is a New Zealand / British experimental filmmaker and musician who has produced over 40 independently released film soundtrack CDs and made a number of short experimental and narrative films in Spain, U.K., India, Vietnam, and New Zealand.

Past projects include:

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