one-on-one collaborations, bouncing ideas off

Dr Emit Snake-Beings,


Meditative tropical instrumentals made in Fiji by Dave Black & Dr Emit Snake-Beings (one of the last in-person international collaborations from before the world ended)

“So easy to get totally lost in this music; recommend for helping with your inner peace” – Andi Verse


The first collaboration with Snake Beings – DIY eclectic ethnographical postpunk (2015)

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Antony Milton

Clever Hansel

(my nephew)

Rosemary Bromley, Dave Edwards, Hans Landon-Lane

Clever Hansel – ukulele vocal
Dave Edwards – guitar, harmonica, vocal

This was the last in-person collaboration before the COVID-19 shutdown, recorded in Lower Hutt, New Zealand, March 2020.

Campbell Kneale

a noise duo in Featherston:

Campbell Kneale

the Digitator

The Electricka Zoo, 2017

“A totally original, mind warping album that smacks you across the face with big sound…. I salute anyone that makes a whole album out of EDM post-punk avant-garde rock / jazz, reggae, Balkan, [and] Portuguese music” – http://www.muzic.net.nz

Nat da Hatt,

Dave Black & Nat da Hatt climb Mt Yakushidake, Japan, 2012

ネオン列車の風景 Neon Train Landscapes

Japanese psychedelic rock made by kiwi expats Dave Black & Nat da Hatt (2014)

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Cylvi M

Cylvi and Dave at Dadaepo beach, Busan, South Korea

First Time Around: East Asia

Field recordings, sketches, soundscapes and stories from, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, China and Mongolia, by Dave Black and Cylvi M (20072008)

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First Time Around: South Korea

Field recordings, electro-acoustic ethnography, Asian industrial soundscapes made in South Korea, by Dave Black and Cylvi M (20072008)

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Simon O’Rorke

Simon O’Rorke

Chris O’Connor

Chris O’Connor

Paul Winstanley, recording The Marion Flow (1999)

Paul Winstanley,