The Electricka Zoo

The Electricka Zoo are one of Wellington’s most intriguing new live bands, a bass/guitar and live electronica duo of Dave Black and the Digitator.

We combine influences including EDM, punk rock, jazz, reggae, Balkan and Portuguese music into our own homegrown NZ sound.

Our first album is available to pre-order:


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In the meantime a vinyl-only 7″ single and collection of early (2015-2016) demos on Soundcloud are available.

Our 7″ single available exclusively on vinyl is now sold out from the publishers, but please contact us for a copy on fiffdimension at gmail dot com

We’re originally from Taranaki, and previously collaborated way back in 1999 as half of the DDPP quartet on The Marion Flow 

and Waiting for the Drummer

We started again as a duo in 2015 following an extended 16 year incubatory period.

With roots in rock and electronica, The Electricka Zoo will leave you wondering if you should dance along, close your eyes, or just scratch your head and wonder how two people can produce such a wall of sound.