11 through the viewer 7

11th July 2019

Improvised acoustic guitar and video effects by Dave Black,

Featherston, NZ.

A followup to Solstice Shards 19, another home recording – dialling back the electronic sound effects, but keeping some dynamic filters on the visuals.

The consumer-level technology that’s available nowadays lets me (or anyone) put together this sort of thing that you’d have needed a tv studio to do in the past.

I’ve always worked by making albums of music, where multiple tracks interweave thematically – but for now I’ll just put up new ‘single’ tracks as they appear, to show the works in progress. Does anyone even listen to whole albums any more in 2019?

This piece is a free improvisation – I’m not a trained jazz musician, and nor do I fit neatly into the NZ noise genre, so here I’ve embraced my folk punk primitivism.

Acoustic improv has cropped up throughout my work eg in in the non-idiomatic idiom in Norway (1999)

and especially in the works of The Winter

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