The Troubled Times: A Second Sun


Antony Milton electric guitar, keyboard (1,4), drums (4), painting

Dave Edwards – bass, electric guitar (4), vocal (6), harmonica (7)

David Heath – drums

John Collie (1834-1893) – lyrics (6) (a crossover with )

Recorded in Masterton, New Zealand, 25 September 2022

Loosely a sequel to Antony Milton and Dave Edwards‘ first duo collaboration – The Troubled Times’ debut.

These new recordings were made exactly one year later – again on the first day of daylight savings, Spring 2022 in the southern hemisphere – this time plus David Heath on drums.

The anniversary prompted the title – then possible alternative meanings of which (binary star systems, colonising other planets) led down a science fiction wormhole…


1.A second sun 06:21
2.Asteroid field 04:38
3.Gamma rays 04:44
4.Friendly passing alien 01:51
5.Proxima Centauri blues 03:28
6.The Dying Monarch 07:48
7.Interstellar dust 04:07


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