The Winter: 2003-2015

Simon Sweetman – drums, percussion

Mike Kingston – guitars, cello (2-5), clarinet (7,11,14), charango (7,10)

Dave Edwards – guitars, vocal (3), harmonica (4,7,9), banjo (7), ukulele (7,9,11), saxophone (10,14), piano (10), bass (12,13), electronics (6,8,13)

Wellington, New Zealand,
free improv music trio, formed on winter solstice day June 2003.

An archive compilation,

of excerpts from the albums

An antidote to BBQ reggae.

Photos by James Gilberd (1-5), Chrissie Butler (7), Brent Bevan (12-13)

Special thanks to Antony Milton, Sam Prebble (RIP), Tania McMurtrie, Daniel Beban, Nell Thomas, Fredd Marshall, Craig Ireson, Katy Sweetman


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