2017 roundup

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0n2bjE_Y36Y&list=PLtbrBpNjlOHPUbgGtVF3Mm2tCGzKBOZv3&w=350&h=190 Our main news of 2017 was The Electricka Zoo's debut album.  music.net.nz called it "a totally original, mind-warping album". It's not too late for your best-album-of-2017 lists, so get your copy today (just click the 'buy' button above... yes we're still more interested in 'the album', as a unified artform, with a theme and structure, rather than streaming … Continue reading 2017 roundup


Out now!! the new collaboration with even more legendary & underground NZ artist Snake Beings. Ngumbang is the first collaborative album by two of New Zealand’s more unusual artist/musician/filmmaker/ethnomusicologists - performed on guitars, bass, banjo, percussion, saxophones, clarinets, harmonicas, synthesisers, Okinawan sanshin, ukulele, violin, loop pedal, piano, drums and spoken word.  The album was recorded … Continue reading Ngumbang

South Island Sessions

https://youtu.be/OJmvCpmHj_0 1861 revisited - my first pakeha (European) Edwards ancestors, Totara Jack and Mary, arrived in the South Island of New Zealand on board the Olympus and settled in Nelson. When I lived nearby a century and a half later, I found the address where they'd lived, just below a spot on a hill that … Continue reading South Island Sessions

Crossing the Japan Alps 飛騨山脈日本

Music, video and hiking by Dave Black and Nat da Hatt - two New Zealanders living in Japan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8Rhslag1Vs&list=PLtbrBpNjlOHPJYIAfcpFt9VwphQnj_dQ_ We crossed the Hida mountains in six days, losing a few kg along the way, and passed through 長野県(Nagano), 岐阜県 (Gifu), and 富山県 (Toyama) prefectures.