2017 roundup

Our main news of 2017 was The Electricka Zoo‘s debut album.  music.net.nz called it “a totally original, mind-warping album”.

It’s not too late for your best-album-of-2017 lists, so get your copy today (just click the ‘buy’ button above… yes we’re still more interested in ‘the album’, as a unified artform, with a theme and structure, rather than streaming playlists).

Our next big project is a show in the NZ Fringe Festival – watch this space.

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Meanwhile this year we made some progress on social media, reaching the modest milestones of 200 likes for fiffdimension and 100 likes for the Electricka Zoo on Facebook.

We alsoplayed a number of gigs in the Wellington region, including a well-received album launch at the Pyramid Club, a semi-residency at the Fringe Bar, and a surprise Wairarapa debut this month in Featherston.

I moved to Featherston this year, so will be bringing a lot more Wairarapa news in 2018.

My other main music project of 2017, in a completely different genre, was performances and recordings of traditional Javanese music (and a Jack Body composition) with Gamelan Padhang Moncar.  We look forward to playing at Cubadupa Festival, releasing an album, and hopefully re-visiting Indonesia in 2018.

Gamelan Padhang Moncar 2017

That’s our gigs and projects for the year, and we’ll be back with new ideas in 2018… thanks for listening, see you at the Fringe!

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