Gar mar par da nee sa

the opening track from Ruasagavulu

by Dave Black & Snake-Beings

recorded in Suva, Fiji, 2nd November 2019

Snake Beings and Dave Black in Fiji

This short warmup improv is based on an Indian scale, inspired by Dr Emit Snake-Beings‘ travels to Kerala in India, and harmonium lessons in Suva.

There’s an Indian influence throughout the album, as several sections are based on drones and modal improv (rather than the chord changes)… though this is not a traditional Indian album, we’ve borrowed ideas to inform our own experiments.

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The temple in the photo is Sri Siva Subramaniya in Nadi. It’s built in the Dravidian style from southern India, which is also found in Singapore and Malaysia.

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In contrast to other Pacific Island countries, Fiji has a large – almost half – population of Indian descent. Indians came to Fiji in the 19th century, as indentured labourers to work the sugar cane plantations.

The following videos are made in India, courtesy of

CEN – Valapattanam River -Muthappan to Azhikkal –

A journey on the Kerala state-run ferry service on the Valapaatanam river, Kerala, south India. Beginning at the famous Muthappan temple and stopping at some very small islands until reaching the Azhikkal Shipyards. The video shows the life of the river and some of the people who use the ferry on a daily basis. Part of a longer documentary I am making about wooden boat building in the Azhikkal Shipyards on the Valapaatanam river, North Kerala, India. This is the introductory part, with the last shot ending on the site of the boat building operations..

AZHIKKAL SHIPYARD: Ethnographic impression incorporating the collaboration of Sulkha wood ship manufacturers in Azhikkal / Azhikode, Kannur in Northern Kerala (South India). (Camera + Editing: Dr Emit Snake-Beings)

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