Loose Autumn Moans

Recorded and mixed entirely on analogue equipment, and originally released on cassette in 2003, Loose Autumn Moans is the fourth album by New Zealander Dave Edwards (aka fiffdimension).

Featuring Sam Prebble & Mike Kingston

sam & san

and Simon Sweetman

simon w newspaper

LAM CD cover

LAM CD credits.

LAM CD credits2

“Edwards’ art is always an interactive experience, and the spontaneous nature of his audio output encourages descriptions such as abrasive, discordant, sombre and atmospheric. Such adjectives contribute but never tell the whole tale.” – Real Groove

“Here Wellington, NZ composer Dave Edwards mostly goes it solo with some able assistance from duo or trio the Winter. Often Dave is singing, or very nearly so, as on the jazzy opening track “Summer Skin”, or the almost folky “Working Like a Fountain in the Slender Morning Chill”; elsewhere the sounds are more scattered, accumulated and fragmentary, as he sing/talks in a latter day fractured Barrett unreeling narrative. There are some free noise experiments and clattering nonverbal splatter, but most often this feels like slightly depressive verbose spoken word expositions over acoustic improvisations. Guitars, violin, cello, and percussion all stack up… He’s got a persona that’s all his own.”– George Parsons, Dream Magazine #5

Loose Autumn Moans consists of solo tracks recorded in 2002, plus 2003 tracks with the Winter – Mike Kingston on cello, Simon Sweetman on percussion and Sam Prebble on violin.  It was released soon after the Winter’s all-instrumental Parataxes album and features a fusion of acoustic and electric songs, spoken word and avant-garde improvisation.  Most group tracks are first takes, and recorded without overdubs.

The album is structured as a progression from summer (with a NZ pohutukawa tree in flower on the cover) through autumn – a time of harvest, preparation, shortening daylight, and the shedding of old dead layers – and finishes with an extended live version of ‘O Henry Ending’, recorded at the Winter’s first gig.

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