interview by Nikki King

Live 2019 includes a post-gig interview with Dave Edwards by Nikki King.

We discussed the origins of fiffdimension (including where the name comes from), 19th century ancestors, life in the Wairarapa, and various projects, collaborators, and influences from New Zealand and abroad.

Nikki is the vocalist and trumpeter for Wairarapa postpunk band Spank, who also performed a set in the Wairarapa TV May Music Marathon that day.


7 thoughts on “interview by Nikki King

  1. Hey Dave, Great interview!! I’ve been keeping up with all your youtube releases.. I heard you say during your chat with Nikki that you haven’t yet been to Scotland. Let me tell you, I went and it is Glorious..I felt the weirdest connection was somehow so familiar..spooky.. So I’d like to encourage you to go. Even if you only get to Edinburgh ..Its so steeped in history..and there are bagpipe players all over the place..and something you’d love is how cheap and value for money it all is.. I also travelled throughout England.. on my own..I loved it and couldn’t recommend it enough… I got a Glitterscape commission in London which paid for the whole trip..very cool.. (had a stop on both sides in Guangzhou) It was very interesting being in China again, and then flying over China, Mongolia, Russia, and a whole heap of Europe..not allowed to film anything unfortunately…(SouthChina Air..) Anyway, just wanted to congratulate you on a great interview..and your continued ever expanding musical repertoire.. I also appreciate that I can access old music on Big musical hugs, cylviM xx

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