2014 roundup

Bye 2014 – overall a pretty good year here.

Most importantly we put out two new albums in contrasting styles: ネオン列車の風景 Neon Train Landscapes and in the non-idiomatic idiom in Norway

The first was a composed Japanese psychedelic rock album while the second showcased the free improvised music I’d been influenced by in my earlier years in Wellington.

It was also a good year for travel to southeast Asia: I visited Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia for the first time… and I finally returned home to New Zealand after two years living in Western Australia and a year before that in Okinawa.

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I played live for the first time in three years in NZ at the Pyramid Club in Wellington and the Audio Foundation in Auckland – two of Aotearoa’s finest venues for experimental music/arts.

Returning to NZ, I hope to continue to study gamelan and revisit Indonesia at some point, and also continue the promising new collaboration with Snake Beings.  I also collected some sound recordings in WA and Indonesia, which will find their way into some new compositions in the new year.

Other projects by fiffdimension collaborators included:

Cylvi Manthyng produced a number of new performance art videos as well as a painting exhibition.

Mike Kingston‘s multicultural gypsy band Bella Cajon released their second album.

Nat da Hatt released ネオン列車の風景 Neon Train Landscapes and Mezcla de Refresco and a sneak preview of our upcoming Aussie album.

Blair Latham released an album with his Mexican compañeiros La Idea Electrica and also returned home to NZ

The Postmoderncore label released the first Dada Songwriting compilation, which Cylvi and I contributed to.

Thanks for reading, and please visit again for new sounds in 2015!  And if you’d like to delve into the past, try

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