Mezcla de Refresco


Mezcla de Refresco is a new duo featuring Nat da Hatt (who also performs with fellow kiwi Dave Black on their Japanese psychedelic duo album ネオン列車の風景 Neon Train Landscapes)

Richard Morrison: jaw harp, Korg synthesizer, samples

Nathan Palmer: guitar, Korg vocoder, samples, thumb piano

Mixed and engineered by Nathan Palmer.

Richard and Nathan began their collaboration in a seedy hotel room in the Tenderloin District of San Francisco on January 1st 2000. Nathan jammed on guitar with Richard on jaw harp, while his band mates: The Date Rapists, played a bizzare selection of instruments and devices produced from a leopard skin suitcase. At the end of the jam, a corpse-like Vietnam veteran who witnessed the event from his bunk summed up his impressions of this auspicious start: “Not bad for a bunch of white kids.”

Since then Richard and Nathan have never physically met again but have continued their musical collaboration by exchanging mini discs, CDs and computer files, by mail, across the Pacific. Frog Throat Sac Fibrillation is their most technogically daring offering to date. It was mostly recorded over 2013-2014, but has been graced by a few snippets dating back to 2004. Listen to it loud by candlelight, and enjoy.

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