Dada Songwriting: Rejection dryrot ripple Gombage

by Uneasy Chairs (USA, guitar) / T4x0n0m13s (España, bass + distortion pedal) / Dave Black (NZ, banjo) / Cylvi Manthyng (NZ, shaker)

 Each contributor created two mins of raw sound – a single track recorded live with no post-processing. After each set of four tracks arrived, they were blindly put together to create each track – as & when they arrived in Corporal Tofulung’s inbox.
The title of the album was created by writing the 40 contributed words on individual pieces of paper & drawing them randomly out of a bucket.
The levels were adjusted so that quiet tracks could be heard. Otherwise there was no post production.
Each contributor provided one word which were added to 3 others to create the track titles.

ripple owls dryrot ajumma 2:02

  • Supercomposer/Amy McBride/Pandwana Land/Outrageous Drug Addicts
  • prepared toy piano/Moog + Virus/vibrator + guitar/fingers + toes + guitar + Voice
N65s-1 Game Vibrator Australia 2:02

Rubber Polluted Coupleliving Reverberations 2:02

Condo Enclyclopedia coalseam egg 2:02

Gombage loud Polyhedron Pizza 2:02

  • Samin Son/Rob Haakman/menn-0-matic/Trevor Scruffles
  • pedals + mics/Hammond + guitar + wooden frog/plastic ruler/voice + nose
VESSEL Crawley Plastikrüler Whiney 2:02

  • The Knight of Terror/Chris Carey/Michael Domingo/Jack Waste
  • voice/Monotron, Kaoss Pad, Stylophone + voice/drums/bass
Rats Rejection DaDrum J’existe 2:02

Pistilicious Thing ache Squeak 2:02

lint Pipe sparse Glass 2:02

Ear daddy Satori Hops 2:02

To download tracks, right click the download icon and Save As.

 The Dada Songwriting Compilation was inspired by Hollow Earth Radio’s Surrealist Songwriting Project [2014] [2013] which happens at the annual DIY Holiday Fair.

A second album is currently in the process of creation…
Mixed & produced by Corporal Tofulung. Album cover art is a collage by menn-0-matic.

Creative Commons License This album is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 New Zealand License.

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