The Road to Bogandoor

Election night 2013 in Australia mix –

At the time I lived in Perth, WA.

And Australia Day music video from an unfinished Aussie album… enjoy!

Music by Nat da Hatt & Dave Black with Snake Beings, video by Dave Black and Cylvi Manthyng

See also – our first Australian album, After Maths & Sciences,

and Dave Black & Nat da Hatt in Japan: ネオン列車の風景 Neon Train Landscapes

2 thoughts on “The Road to Bogandoor

  1. This piece is a simple yet evocative exploration of Bogans in their natural urban environment… Trudging along closed roads to get to a final crowd pleasing destination. Layered with trance, ethnic differentiation, and a good old Aussie accent thrown in for good measure. Feel the Bogan vibe surging through the crowd, and note the synchronised fireworks. Already looking forward to the next tracks…

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