The Road to Bogandoor

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Election night 2013 in Australia mix –

At the time I lived in Perth, WA.

And Australia Day music video from an unfinished Aussie album… enjoy!

Music by Nat da Hatt & Dave Black with Snake Beings, video by Dave Black and Cylvi Manthyng

See also – our first Australian album, After Maths & Sciences,

and Dave Black & Nat da Hatt in Japan: ネオン列車の風景 Neon Train Landscapes

2 thoughts on “The Road to Bogandoor

    CylviM said:
    28/12/2014 at 6:05 pm

    This piece is a simple yet evocative exploration of Bogans in their natural urban environment… Trudging along closed roads to get to a final crowd pleasing destination. Layered with trance, ethnic differentiation, and a good old Aussie accent thrown in for good measure. Feel the Bogan vibe surging through the crowd, and note the synchronised fireworks. Already looking forward to the next tracks…

    2014 roundup | fiffdimension said:
    30/12/2014 at 11:18 pm

    […] Nat da Hatt released both ネオン列車の風景 Neon Train Landscapes and Mezcla de Refresco and a sneak preview of our upcoming Aussie album. […]

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