Dave Black & Snake Beings: East to West

East to West brings together for the first time two of New Zealand’s more unusual artist/musician/filmmaker/ethnomusicologists, taking the audience on an epic journey from one side of the Eurasian continent to another in the space of an hour.

Audio Foundation – 8pm, Saturday 5th of April 2014
4 Poynton Terrace, Auckland
$5 entry


The journey goes from the Tasman sea to the Atlantic, taking in over a dozen countries including Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, Mongolia, Russia, Spain and more – giving an insight into the diversity of cultures, landscapes, religions, history, architecture and languages of the old world.

Dave and Snakes have created the movie by pooling their video and sound archives, and will perform a live soundtrack on the night. This will be an immersive multimedia feast of international sounds and images not to be missed.

Snake Beings – Emit Snake-Beings, who over several decades has travelled intensively in Spain, Holland, the Middle East, Mexico, America and Japan, is a New Zealand / British experimental filmmaker and musician who has produced over 40 independently released film soundtrack CDs and made a number of short experimental and narrative films in Spain, U.K. and New Zealand. Perhaps some of this stuff, in a mutated form, will find its way into the evening’s prepared-and-improvised / doings-and-viewings.

Dave Black – originally from Taranaki and active since the late 90s on the NZ underground music scene, his music began by fusing acoustic pop, noisy postpunk, spoken word and avant-garde improvisation – and has diversified further from there. Notable performances include the award-winning 14-piece Ascension Band, appearing as an international artist at the Liquid Architecture Festival in Australia, and teaching a thousand Okinawan school students to perform a haka. He has lived abroad for most of the past decade in South Korea, Japan, Montenegro, Portugal and Australia. This is a rare Auckland performance and a chance to show some of the newer international influences on his sound.

The Audio Foundation is a dedicated and professional space to support, promote and preserve independent and adventurous visions, creative engagement and critical enquiry in sound, music and related practices. Since opening as a hub we have presented numerous events including performances by local and international artists, regular exhibitions of art work relating to sound, panel discussions, workshops and film screening evenings.

Snakes – http://www.snakebeings.co.nz
Dave – http://www.fiffdimension.com
Audio Foundation – http://www.audiofoundation.org.nz

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