Campbell Kneale & Dave Black: A Ton of Feathers

releases October 17, 2020 Campbell Kneale – electric guitar, analogue synth Dave Black – bass, electric toothbrush, key ring Featherston, New Zealand,27-Nov-18 (one continuous take, unabridged, no overdubs – the first time we’d played together) A 3min excerpt appeared on Other Islands: 2012-2018 – but you need to hear the full length version to truly … Continue reading Campbell Kneale & Dave Black: A Ton of Feathers

Campbell Kneale & Dave Black

A Ton of Feathers is the first collaboration by Campbell Kneale (guitar, analogue synthesiser) & Dave Black (bass, electric toothbrush, video). Made in Featherston, Wairarapa NZ in 2018. New Zealand folk music, in the tradition of Birchville Cat Motel, the Dead C, and Len Lye. This excerpt appears on the compilation Other Islands: 2012-2018, and … Continue reading Campbell Kneale & Dave Black

Dave Black

“As Dave Edwards he has explored fuzzy-punk, free-jazz, spoken word, alternative-folk and demented pop… as Dave Black, the palette is broadened” – Simon Sweetman (Sometimes I like to play electric) (& I’ve picked up influences from living and travelling in other Asia-Pacific countries) A stylistic departure when I left New Zealand in 2005 led to … Continue reading Dave Black

Dave Edwards

Worth searching out coz this lo-fi singer/songwriter oddball has a unique take on the genre… [he’s] happy to get raucous & obnoxious in just the right kinda way.” – Chris Knox This page refers to projects under my own name. For collaborations see here For my non-linear alter-ego and a stylistic departure since 2005 see … Continue reading Dave Edwards


by Dave Edwards and collaborators águas brilhantes: 2018​-​2022 fiffdimension vol 4 – made in Featherston, Masterton and Suva – ft  Antony Milton, James Robinson, Dr Emit Snake-Beings, Campbell Kneale, Hans Landon-Lane, and lyrics by John Collie (1834-1893)  “We go from bossa nova rhythms to folk to RIO to indie to, what is interesting listening if nothing else, a … Continue reading compilations

águas brilhantes: 2018​-​2022

fiffdimension vol 4 (See águas brilhantes (or ‘glistening waters’ in English) is the Portuguese translation of Wairarapa, the Māori name of the region where I’ve lived the last few years. My ancestors arrived here in the 19th century – one was a Scottish poet, another a stowaway from the Azores islands. a followup … Continue reading águas brilhantes: 2018​-​2022

w/ James Robinson – Negentropic Diatribes

James Robinson – words, voice, paintings & drawings, bell drum Dave Black – electric guitar, bass, loop pedal James Robinson is a mid career contemporary New Zealand mixed media artist, exhibiting widely since 1989 – fiffdimension is music and multimedia by Dave Edwards (aka Dave Black) and collaborators, since 1998 –‐‐——- James won 2007 paramount … Continue reading w/ James Robinson – Negentropic Diatribes

Spastic Rhythms ’22

Featherston, NZ – early 2022 – spontaneous compositions, two wet weekends in a row. A sequel to Spastic Rhythms vol 1 (2021) – a series of ‘quickfire’ DIY solo albums created in a couple of days each. This one features interspecies guest collaboration with Oscar the huntaway. credits released February 13, 2022 Dave Black – … Continue reading Spastic Rhythms ’22