First Time Around: East Asia

This is an album of sound recordings, made in six different countries, edited into sonic short stories and soundscapes - East Asia following a year and a half living in South Korea 대한민국, we travelled to Japan 日本 China 中国 Thailand ประเทศไทย Vietnam Việt Nam Mongolia Монгол улс by Dave Black - field recordings, … Continue reading First Time Around: East Asia

Mongolia Монгол улс July 22, 2008 Getting to Mongolia really felt like something new though, starting with the big poster of Chinngis Khan at the airport and the fairly small-town feel of Ulaanbaatar. It looks a bit like Dunedin.Mongolia turns a lot of Asia on its head: it’s not crowded, the houses don’t have Chinese-style roofs, it’s … Continue reading Mongolia Монгол улс

Vietnam Việt Nam 14 Please Mind Your Step [Vietnam/China]* 1:33 * This piece about airports is mostly from China, but the music heard from 0:36 to 0:59 is actually Vietnamese (heard on the radio in Hanoi airport - put together with sounds from Hong Kong and Guangzhou) It was a great pleasure to get to Vietnam. There … Continue reading Vietnam Việt Nam

Cylvi M at Buddha’s foot, Kyoto 京都 These recordings were made on my first visit to Japan in 2007, on a side-trip while living in South Korea. I subsequently lived in Okinawa in 2011-2012, and travelled further around Kyushu and Honshu.

After Maths & Sciences

An Australian novel for the ear, recorded in Melbourne VIC and Gosford NSW in 2005 - by kiwis. Music by Dave Black - banjo, dictaphone, laptop, acoustic guitar, harmonica, drums / Cylvi M - phat beatz, shaker, shakuhachi / Francesca Mountfort - cello / Mike Kingston - acoustic guitar / various Australians 2006 | … Continue reading After Maths & Sciences

South Korea 대한민국 Music and videos by Dave Black & Cylvi Manthyng, two New Zealanders living in South Korea. The pieces here are made from remixed field recordings of traditional Korean musicians and instruments such as the gayageum, taepyongso, buddhist chants and samulnori drumming, plus our live version of the folk song 'Arirang'.

Okinawa, Japan 沖縄日本 ハイサイ! イチャリバ チョデ!  よろしく おねがいします。 きょ-ねん 那覇市に すんでいました と にほんご ちょっと べんきょしました。 In 2011-2012 I lived in Naha (那覇市), the main city of Okinawa Prefecture (沖縄県) in Japan (日本). The soundtracks to these videos are snippets of live Okinawan music I recorded there, such as eisa drum dancing and shima uta island songs.  Spot me on … Continue reading Okinawa, Japan 沖縄日本

Kyushu, Japan 九州日本

Videos from a solo trip across Kyushu (in March 2012, on holiday from work in Okinawa).  Accompanied by Japanese music such as koto, shakuhachi, yokagura and hip-hop, recorded live. Four videos - 1) from sugi (Japanese cedar) forest with 3000-year-old trees on Yakushima Island, 2) heading north via Kumamoto and its castle, to 3) a … Continue reading Kyushu, Japan 九州日本