Kyushu, Japan 九州日本

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Videos from a solo trip across Kyushu (in March 2012, on holiday from work in Okinawa).  Accompanied by Japanese music such as koto, shakuhachi, yokagura and hip-hop, recorded live.

Four videos –

1) from sugi (Japanese cedar) forest with 3000-year-old trees on Yakushima Island,

2) heading north via Kumamoto and its castle, to

3) a yokagura dance performance reenacting the legend of how the sun goddess returned to the world in Takachiho,

4) to the  city of Fukuoka (score by Dave Black & Nat da Hatt – free download)

2 thoughts on “Kyushu, Japan 九州日本

    […] subsequently lived in Okinawa in 2011–2012, and travelled further around Kyushu and […]

    2012 « fiffdimension said:
    16/11/2018 at 6:07 pm

    […] also travelled twice to mainland Japan, to Kyushu in March – to Yakushima to see the 3000 year old cedar trees, and from Kagoshima to Kumamoto, […]

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