The Winter: Exit Points

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Today is the last day of winter in the southern hemisphere – so to celebrate, here’s the fifth album from The Winter – a New Zealand free improvisation trio of Mike Kingston, Simon Sweetman and Dave Edwards… with a sound that swerves from acoustic folk/blues with hints of Asian, Celtic, and Balkan influences, to electroacoustic soundscapes, abstract dissonance, and pots & pans percussion.

Mike Kingston: guitar, bass, clarinet, electronics
Dave Edwards: guitar, bass, banjo, harmonica, ukulele, sanshin, electronics
Simon Sweetman: drums and percussion, electronics

First formed on winter solstice day 2003 in Wellington, The Winter is our longest running side-project.  The title ‘Exit Points’ refers to a discussion we had about knowing when to finish an improvisation when it reaches a natural exit point… and when to carry on playing to discover something new…

You can download the rest of our back catalogue for free


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