4th May 2019 live solo version at the Wairarapa TV May Music Marathon.

This song was originally recorded in June 2001, at Thistle Hall, Wellington. It was the opening track of the album The Marion Flow.

The 2001 recording featured

Dave Edwards – acoustic guitar & vocal

Chris Palmer – electric guitars

Paul Winstanley – fretless bass

Chris O’Connor – drums

The song was named after a marine conservation centre on the Hauraki Gulf.

I was pleased with the chord progression, using non-diatonic changes, diminished chords, and an instrumental bridge based around drone notes.  I entered this in the Silver Scroll awards and… didn’t win.


The ocean a shadow, time slow by the seashore
& the seashore that score the time we know
Watching clouds go by, making them artwork
The still were at war
The lights on the city, the barrenness glowed
& behind me the sea as it ebbed & flowed
Leave the loner alone to go face what he knows
Chained to the flow
Flee little seedlings, hide on the ceiling
Flee little seedlings, the rhythm makes meaning
This is not leap, the tunnel of tilt
The aged miniscule tension sits on a shelf
They drink to his health, they lay down red carpets
They stone all the sinners, his mind has gone numb
The body falls down & it will not obey
The cross on the crown, the hill is a weakness
60 days buried in a heap before vengeance
A waterfall vision, along for the ride
A grey broken quickness, a knock at the door
We come alone, exit that way
If desire is a kingdom then who sits on the throne?
All I have proven is that no-one is home
Something crawls out of the mouth of a high tree
Luminous pictures are gathered within
Here I am at the sea & I still can’t breathe
Nobly fractured I forget how to be
The bullshit clouds of nothing refrain
Chained to the flow

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