The Winter at Pyramid Club, 2015

Thanks to Brent for the photos and to everyone who came along to the Pyramid Club on Thursday!

The Winter’s new album ‘Exit Points’ is now available!

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First formed on winter solstice day 2003 in Wellington, The Winter is an improvised music trio of Mike Kingston, Simon Sweetman and Dave Edwards… with a sound that swerves from acoustic folk/blues with hints of Asian, Celtic, flamenco and Balkan influences, to electroacoustic soundscapes, abstract dissonance and pots & pans percussion.

 At the recent gig The Winter were preceded by the wonderful Fredd Marshall, with his cosmically delicious looping of throat singing and other vocal utterances…

…and by Confluence, a free improv quartet featuring musical polymath Chris Prosser (violin), Wellington’s doyenne of Braziliana Julie Bevan (nylon-string guitar), cool jazzer Michael Hall (saxophones and clarinet) and hard-core improviser Simon O’Rorke (synthesizer).

fiffdimension also collaborated with Confluence in 2014 on In the Non-Idiomatic Idiom in Norway

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