2005 The year got off to a good start, with Ascension Band: Evolution The successful collaboration with Nigel Patterson, Ryan Prebble, and over a dozen other musicians, from jazz-schooled to untrained punks, won the best music award in the NZ Fringe Festival. I had my first taste of success (the fame part of Fame & … Continue reading 2005

Ascension Band 2004

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdDIc_tKsJs The post-punk big band Ascension Band convened in 2003-2005... here's the 2004 lineup performing at the Meatwaters Festival at Happy in Wellington. Nigel Patterson - hammond organ & conductor Dave Edwards - guitar & electronics Mike Kingston - guitar Jesse Toews - bass Warwick Donald - bass Antony Milton - violin & electronics Damian … Continue reading Ascension Band 2004

Ascension Band 2005

https://youtu.be/q9tH0oiOmPc "With elements of punk, post-punk, jazz, classical, straight rock, opera and music hall, the Ascension Band are that rare thing: Something Wholly Other. They retain avant garde cred and still manage to rock harder than AC/DC.” - http://www.varsity.co.nz This riff by organist/conductor/arranger Nigel Patterson (The Black Seeds, The Manta Rays, Fly My Pretties), guitarist … Continue reading Ascension Band 2005