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So far in 2019 I’ve been living in rural New Zealand, playing mainly solo acoustic.

Live 2019

“Great skills and a refreshing rebirth of a beatnik sensibility, this is folk the way folk should be” – Andi Verse

Compare it to this lo-fi ‘official bootleg’ recorded 20 years (or half my lifetime) ago – opening for Chris Knox at Bar Bodega in Wellington NZ last millennium:

Live 1999

fiffdimension projects may include acoustic songs, spoken word, distorted postpunk, free jazz, gamelan, lo fi electronica, Eurasian folk music, 19th century ballads, video installations, or all or none of the above ; at other times I’ve played in groups such as The Electricka Zoo, The Winter, Ascension Band, Gamelan Taniwha Jaya, Gamelan Padhang Moncar, The Slab Septet..

It’s been quite a journey in between!


Dave Edwards, 2004


vol1 – songs, spoken word and improvisations from the early phase of my gloriously unsuccessful career

Rough outsider folk-blues mysteries, dissonant rock textures, electric and acoustic improvisations… Edwards strikes me as one of the most overlooked musicians from the fertile lands of New Zealand and if you need a fresh start this might very well be the place.” The Broken Face


Korean gayageum, 2007

vol2 – made in New Zealand, Australia, South Korea, Thailand, Mongolia, and Japan

“Experimental and avant-garde…. There is a clear passion, and a commitment to pushing the boundaries… This will challenge your perceptions of what constitutes music and open the mind to new possibilities of sounds that surround us –


Gamelan Taniwha Jaya, 2016

vol3 – made in New Zealand, Western Australia, Fiji, Indonesia and Okinawa 

“The 20 song album covers traditional Javanese and Balinese gamelan, Asia-Pacific folk music, free jazz, and free noise…. If you have an open inquiring mind and love hearing a variety of sound, this is excellent. –


In 2019, a work in progress is adaptations of Poems & Lyrics by my great-great-grandfather John Collie, written in Scotland in 1856.

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