Streaming Silver (2016)

A new archival release, of early postpunk instrumental improv by ex-Taranaki duo the Electricka Zoo

recorded in 2016, this has nothing to do with Brexit or Trump!

The Electricka Zoo, 2016

These informal recordings are a precursor to our 2017 debut album proper, The Electricka Zoo

It features our debut 7″ single ‘Fragmentary Alpha Waves’,
and other early tracks

recorded in Tawa and Upper Hutt, New Zealand, 2016.

Many of our early recordings are draft rehearsals of our compositions for The Electricka Zoo (2017); but Streaming Silver compiles mostly informal one-off improvisations, to show a different side of the collaboration.


released July 22, 2021

The Digitator – keyboard, electric drums, melodica (7)
Dave Black – electric guitar, bass, more keyboard (7)

anonymous – didgeridoo (5)

Special thanks to Clayton Noone, Talei Lomas, and Lucie Hannon

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