PSI​-​SOLATION + 1 (one year on)

PSI-SOLATION | a global compilation of music made in lockdown | CELEBRATE PSI PHENOMENON (

2021 compilation album curated by Campbell Kneale. He’s known for his noise music, paintings of cats, and as proprietor of the Miracle Room gallery in Featherston.

A sequel to his acclaimed 119-track Psi-solation compilation of music made in lockdown 2020.

Both albums are pay what you want via Campbell’s label, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon.

I contributed a new Dave Black piece, Outono 21.

It’s a multilayered electric improv based on the bass riff, Inverno. Outono means autumn in Portuguese

I’ve stuck to home recording recently, and also bought a clarinet and a drum pad – so included them in this track to help fit the theme of ‘what’s changed in 12 months?’.

This year I did an electric piece – to contrast with last year’s acoustic epic ‘Solitude’,

…although not as noisy as my first collaboration with Campbell, A Ton of Feathers

Life in smalltown Featherston hasn’t changed that much since the pandemic, but the outside world changed dramatically around us. Internationally, lockdown arts culture became more introverted and online, as people who live in cities weren’t going out to events in them either.

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