by Dave Edwards (aka Dave Black) and collaborators,

from 1850s1990s2000s2010s2020s.


Poems & Lyrics by John Collie (1856),

John Collie (1834-1893)

a 19th century epic acoustic work-in-progress

adapted from the book, written in Scotland in 1856, by my great-great-grandfather,

and set to music along with some of his other descendants.

“If aught can claim a spirit’s admiration, Sure it must be this beautiful creation.” John Collie (1834-1893)

(& meanwhile in electric mode):

Spastic Rhythms vol1

Dave Black solo EP, recorded one summer morning, 24 January 2021

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by Dave Black & Snake Beings

Made in Fiji, with Dr Emit Snake-Beings tropical avant-garde instrumentals for keyboards, ukulele, dholak, duduk, harmonicas, DIY kitchen gamelan, and video.

“So easy to get totally lost in this music, recommend for helping with your inner peace” – Andi Verse

Glimpses of Utopia

Palette-cleansing Dave Black solo electric guitar improv.

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John Collie‘s poem ‘Solitude‘ also features on

Psi-solation: a global compilation of music made in lockdown

From Featherston NZ and around the world, capturing the moment the world as we knew it ended, curated by Campbell Kneale.

“Something about this global pandemic is inspiring people to create and/or curate art on a massive scale…. and this compilation, being offered for free/name-yr-price, is indeed M A S S I V E.” – Howard Seltzer


Live 2019

Solo acoustic set plus an interview, live streamed from Wairarapa TV

“Great skills and a refreshing rebirth of a beatnik sensibility, this is folk the way folk should be” – Andi Verse